Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Are you having problems with hair loss? Are you looking for the most advance technology to regrow your hair? Believe me, there is no advance technology you need to prevent your hair loss and regrow your hair. Here we will review some natural home remedies for hair growth. You can take a look on our simple hair growth tips to promote your hair growth. We really recommend you to use the natural treatment so then you can avoid the negative impact of the chemical medical treatment for relieving your hair loss. Most chemical treatments in the market have negative side effect on your scalp. That’s why we don’t really recommend you to use chemical stuff for treating your hair loss. Another advantage of using my method is you can find all ingredients at your own kitchen. Here are the “Top Three Home Remedies for Hair Growth” that you can use:

1. Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Garlic and Onions

Yes, Garlic and Onions. Not so many people believe that the garlic and onions can help you to promote your hair growth. This is the best natural method that I usually use when my hair is falling out. You can find the ingredients right in your kitchen and it is very powerful for your hair health. They contain good minerals for stimulating hair growth.

What you need to do is just take some garlic or onions bulbs. Then massage them to your scalp to deliver the active ingredients to your scalp to encourage the hair growth. After 15 minutes of the treatment, you can rinse your hair with warm water. You can see the result after three weeks or less.

2. Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Green Tea, Rosemary, and Saw Palmetto

Green Tea, Rosemary, and Saw palmetto are the ones of the natural home remedies for hair growth that you can find very easily in the market or in your kitchen. Many people with female or male pattern baldness are using this ingredients and they are proving that the methods are really effective to prevent the baldness.

Take the extract of the green tea, rosemary, and saw palmetto and put the extract on your scalp. Cover your scalp with warm cloth to let the extract coming into your scalp to encourage your hair growth.

3. Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Almond Oil

The Almond oil is also effective to prevent the hair loss and regrow your hair. This oil is usually mixed with the Castor oil to give you more effective result in preventing your hair loss and regrowing your hair. You have to use the almond oil and castor oil once in every 3 days and you can see the result within 3 weeks or less.

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