My hair is falling out…

That’s the most common expression from my clients who got their first hair loss during their life. They don’t know what the best hair loss treatment for them is and they think the world will end when their hair is falling out. Are you in the same situation as them and don’t know what to do. Here we will share several inexpensive
 hair growth tips  that you should do to keep calm and understand what’s going on with your hair without screaming “Help…, My hair is falling out”, find the best way to stop your hair loss, and find the most effective way to regrow your hair.

My hair is falling out

1. Find Some Factors that Probably Influence Your Hair and Fasten the Hair Loss

There are several factors that can affect the hair health, such as medication treatment, being pregnant, or given birth. Some medical treatments, such as steroids, antidepressants, thyroid medicine, birth control, etc, might cause some hair loss. Make sure that you check your medication and its side effect to see the relevancy between the medical treatment and your hair loss. Being pregnant or given birth might also affect your hair health because of the medication you consume during pregnancy. The hormone might also change during pregnancy and it causes some hair loss.

2. Control What You Eat

Your dramatic hair loss might be related with your unhealthy foods. Most of the hair problems are related with foods. Your unhealthy foods will negatively impact your hair follicles. Nutrition is very important to be considered when you want to regrow your hair. Some natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits are very healthy, not only for your health, but also for your hair. They contain many vitamin and mineral that can nourish your hair and regrow your hair back. You might want to get some minerals or vitamin supplements to stimulate your hair growing.

3. Use Natural Treatments

There are several natural plants that can help you promoting your hair back. When I was young, my mom always told me to use the lemon juice with the egg batter on my hair to enhance my hair growing. I think, it is the best formula that you can use to remedy your hair loss problem. This method is really effective to grow my hair when my hair is falling out. As the result, my hair grows really fast today, so then I have to cut my hair in every 2 month. You can use the same formula to prevent the hair loss. Our recommendation is you have to avoid any kind of chemical treatment sold in the hospital without any prescriptions from your local doctors. The natural treatment is much safer than the chemical treatment from the hospital.

4. Last choice: Consult with your doctor immediately. It could be very expensive, but you have to do it if you lose a lot of hair (more than 200 hairs a day) within very short time. You never know what happens with your hair if you lose your hair very dramatically. It might be related with your health. But don’t forget to keep trying to use the natural hair growing products as we mentioned above to help you to stop your hair loss.

If you keep following our program, I guarantee you that you will see your hair growing in less than 4 weeks. Yes, less than a month. To know more about our program, click here to get more Regrowing Your Hair Tips just for you.

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